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At ZANA Investments, our focus is on helping you diversify away from the stock market and passively invest in real estate with confidence.


That way, you have more time to focus on the things that matter most to you.


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About ZANA Investments

ZANA Investments

The Journey to Multifamily Millions Podcast

On the Journey to Multifamily Millions Podcast, we set out on the journey of building wealth through multifamily real estate together, talking to experts in the field every step of the way. It doesn't matter if you're new or experienced, every journey starts with a single step and there's always more to learn. This is the Journey to Multifamily Millions Podcast with your host, Tim Little.


Real Estate Portfolio - $90MM Assets Under Management

ZANA Investments
127 UNITS ($17MM)

This beautiful property is located near major employers in the booming Dallas market. 


The opportunity is to acquire this 127-unit apartment complex and raise rents to market rates by renovating all 127 classic units, convert 31 1/1 units to 2/21, and add amenities. The renovation timeline is 2 years, with a total hold period of 3-5 years.

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This is a solid value-add play in booming Atlanta, GA! With 170 units, 8 of which were down at purchase, there is tremendous opportunity in renovating units, putting in professional management, and bringing rents to market rates.

Always looking to add value to the lives of tenants as well as investors, we will be installing a dog park, playground, and grilling area. All this is in addition to new paint and landscaping that will reinvigorate pride for our tenants. ​

ZANA Investments
136 UNITS ($18MM)

We are converting this beautiful 136-unit property from student housing to attractively priced apartments with resort-style amenities on the site. We will be renovating all units to bring interiors up to the current expectations. The renovated units will help to fill the gap in supply for upscale, larger units appealing to families and young professionals. 

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Park Valley
236 UNITS ($32.3MM)

Park Valley Apartments is in a popular east suburban Atlanta with easy access to key employment centers.

Built in 1971, Park Valley comes flush with capital improvements and attractive,  assumable debt at 3.5% with 9 years left on the term and 17 months of interest-only payments.

It has a favorable unit mix, on-trend amenities, and opportunities to increase revenue through operational efficiencies.

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