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PORTFOLIO - $60MM Assets Under Management

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127 UNITS ($17MM)

This beautiful property is located near major employers in the booming Dallas market. 


The opportunity is to acquire this 127-unit apartment complex and raise rents to market rates by renovating all 127 classic units, convert 31 1/1 units to 2/21, and add amenities. The renovation timeline is 2 years, with a total hold period of 3-5 years.

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This was a well-built 1983 / 1986 asset in the highly desirable area between I-275 and the main University of South Florida campus in Tampa, FL. The properties had an attractive unit mix comprised of 86% 2BR/1BA units.

Through strategic renovations on classic units, we are brought the rents up to market value. By bringing on a highly capable management team, we saw occupancy and efficiency improve significantly and sold the asset 2 years earlier than projected with a 23 % IRR and 1.7 Equity Multiple returns for our investors. 

136 UNITS ($18MM)

We are converting this beautiful 136-unit property from student housing to attractively priced apartments with resort-style amenities on the site. This will help to fill the gap in supply for upscale, larger units appealing to families and young professionals. 

There are still a few available slots for this opportunity for accredited investors! 

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94 UNITS ($5MM)

This 94-unit C-class portfolio was bought at a discount thanks to poor prior management, making this a great opportunity for us and our investors.

With boots on the ground in nearby Atlanta, we are ensuring this portfolio gets the attention it needs to perform effectively and efficiently. We are also renovating the interiors and exteriors, improving the quality of life for tenants, and allowing us to bring rents up to the surrounding market.

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